Revolutionising blood coagulation management

Knowledge is power

HEMEO VANTAGE® provides clinical decision support for cardiac perioperative blood coagulation management. The software is highly configurable to support the application of most hospital guidelines. Its proven, state-of-the-art technology ensures secure and privacy compliant data processing.


Consolidates the relevant but disparate data from the EMR, laboratory information systems, patient monitoring and other sources in one single coherent overview.

Provides focus by highlighting values outside the desired ranges, based on your hospital’s thresholds.

Supports decision making by timely prompting patient applicable guidance, as defined by your team.

See HEMEO VANTAGE® in action:

With HEMEO VANTAGE® you can:
  • Define, apply, and promote the application of institutional clinical guidelines.
  • Learn from your peers.
  • Continuously learn and improve on your way-of-working.
  • Educate and guide junior clinical staff.

The potential of HEMEO VANTAGE®:

Fewer blood transfusions

Reduced length of stay

Improved patient outcomes

Reduced hospital costs

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