Hemeo’s oversubscribed seed equity round closed

Hemeo announces the successful closure of its first equity finance round. Raising €675,000, it has been substantially oversubscribed, highlighting the strong interest raised by the potential of the Hemeo technology designed to revolutionise coagulation with data.

We are honoured by the combination and multiplicity of (international) investors who support Hemeo. The funds will be used to complete the development, regulatory approval and launch of our first application providing clinicians a real time interactive tool to manage bleeding and transfusions according to clinical guidelines. Equally important, the application will serve as a springboard for the development and validation of our AI technology allowing predictive modelling and personalised treatments.

Hemeo demo

Hemeo Coagulation model is based upon more than 100 parameters. Our online demo is available at: Click on “Request Access” below the video to obtain a password and make your own simulations.


There are more than 5 millions patients affected by serious bleeding or thrombosis annually in Europe and the US. Serious bleeding and thrombosis lead to high mortality and morbidity rates. Hemeo was founded in 2019 with AI technology based upon 15 years of research at Philips. The algorithms and coagulation model loaded with patient data, build a digital coagulation twin for each patient. Based on this digital twin, clinicians can predict risks of bleeding and thrombosis and provide early and personalized treatments for the patients. Hemeo is building a portfolio of software solutions dedicated to assist clinicians with life-saving decisions and also offers its AI powered model to support and accelerate the research of medical devices and drugs.

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Hemeo and VarmX enter research collaboration using AI to support clinical studies in coagulation

Over the past few months we have been contacted by several pharma and medtech companies interested to understand how our coagulation model could help them advance or accelerate their own research and development. We are happy to announce our first agreement and we look forward to strengthen that opportunity in the future.

Hemeo has entered into a collaborative research agreement with VarmX, a clinicalstage biotech company focusing on development of innovative approaches for the reversal of anticoagulation.

Hemeo will process preclinical pharmacodynamic data on VarmX’s anticoagulant reversal agent, VMXC001, to extend its computational coagulation model. This will enable accurate simulation of the restoration of blood clotting by VMXC001 in the presence of factor Xa direct oral anticoagulants (FXa DOACs). The resulting model will be capable of estimating the therapeutic window of  VMXC001 to support dose selection for future clinical studies. 

Following a series of meetings with the VarmX team where we introduced our coagulation model and its potential to support and accelerate research for medical devices and drugs, we are delighted with the interest and commitment we received and look forward to offer VarmX the data processing and modelling capabilities they are looking for” says Remi Corlin, CEO at Hemeo.

Gerard Short, CMO at VarmX added In December 2021, VarmX initiated its firstinhuman study for lead compound, VMXC001. It is our intention to achieve universal dosing of VMXC001 for reversal of all DOACs, making selecting the right dose very important. Therefore, we are very pleased to be working with Hemeo, using their model to support dose selection for VMXC001.”

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New grant supports feasibility research with Erasmus UMC

In 2020, Hemeo completed a first feasibility study supported by a grant from the SME Innovation Stimulation Topsectors (MIT) Noord-Holland. We are grateful for the support and delighted that Hemeo has now been awarded a second grant in support of a feasibility research project, assessing the potential for a quick and low cost Point Of Care Test to measure fibrinogen level in a drop of blood. We are honoured to partner with the Hematology Department of Erasmus University Medical Centre on this project, under the leadership of Prof. Moniek de Maat.

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HEMEO’s development supported by Rabobank

We are pleased to share that Hemeo has been awarded an innovation loan by Rabobank.

We are grateful to the Rabobank team in supporting our mission to “Revolutionise Coagulation with Data”. This loan enables us to develop our first application targeting perioperative bleeding management in cardiac surgery. In collaboration with 3 leading hospitals in the Netherlands, the UK and the US we are building the first integrated system dedicated to support clinicians managing coagulation.

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Hemeo signs Collaborative Research Agreement with University of Florida Health

Hemeo is delighted to announce that it has signed a Collaborative Research Agreement with University of Florida Health. This agreement lays the ground for the sharing of targeted data and the research of optimal coagulation management for patients undergoing cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass.

Dr Bruce Spiess MD FAHA, Professor Of Anesthesiology and Associate Chair for Research at University Of Florida Health commented: “Coagulation in cardiac surgery is an example of biological complexity baffling many who practice medicine. Artificial intelligence systems could provide an answer to assist the guidance of therapy for the prevention and treatment of bleeding after heart surgery, I am excited to see a first foray into creating computer applications to tackle a problem that vexes many”. Remi Corlin, CEO Hemeo added “This agreement is an important milestone in the deployment of our research strategy. Hemeo has a proprietary coagulation model designed to build a digital twin of the patient’s coagulation profile. Applying our model to such a specific pool of clinical data will allow us to develop, verify and eventually validate specific algorithms to predict risks of bleeding in cardiac surgery, providing clinicians with vital information to design early and personalised therapies for their patients to minimise post-operative bleeding, leading to improved patient outcomes”

In the months to come, Hemeo plans to research, validate and deploy its technology across a diverse field of clinical applications where coagulopathies continue to severely impact patients, working with leading European and US academic hospitals. Hemeo is a Dutch healthtech venture whose mission is to revolutionise coagulation management with data.

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Hemeo publishes two research posters

Two publications have just been released, on Hemeo’s research: “Assessing the risk of DIC development in sepsis and SIRS” and “Real-world data on the effect of anticoagulants to prevent or treat DIC.” These publications are now available on our website, on the Resources page.

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