A revolution in data-driven coagulation management

Knowledge is power

There is power in unity. With HEMEO’s AI-based clinical decision support applications, you get the power to personalise prevention and treatment of coagulation complications. By consolidating data from multiple sources in a form that doctors can act on early and with confidence – this has the power to reduce excess morbidity and death. Hemeo’s technology has the potential to improve patients’ recovery process and survival rate, even while significantly saving costs.

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“Clinicians find it difficult to put all the data together from multiple sources simultaneously, and there is no doubt an integrated standalone system would improve patient care and contribute to improved patient outcomes.”

– Dr Andrew Klein
Chair of Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care
Royal Papworth NHS, Cambridge University,
UK Editor-in-Chief of Anesthesia

A revolution in blood coagulation management

Predicting coagulation risks will transform the management of bleeding and thrombosis and allow personalised treatments. Acting quickly on patient specific insights provided by HEMEO, doctors may significantly reduce the need for blood transfusions, and therefore improve these patients’ survival rates.

The HEMEO core team: experienced know-how

Lee DeGeer

Chief Executive Officer

René van den Ham

Chief Technology Officer

Aamer Ahmed

Chief Medical Officer

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